BUT FIRST Friday – Your Weekly Big Brother Power Ranking: Week 12

Spoiler Alert: Again, the HOH competition ended after the live episode on Thursday. As usual, we’re including the winner of that competition in the post this week.

Last Week’s HOH: Steve

Last Week’s Original Nominees: Finally, they took a shot at the Austwins. Austin and Liz went up.

Last Week’s Veto Winner: After a ballerina bowling competition hosted by Jesse Godderz of BB10 and BB11, Austin took the veto.

Did he use it?: Yep.

Replacement Nominee: Julia went up to face off against her sister on the block, finally bringing the twins twist to its completion.

Votes for eviction: 3-0 to evict Julia

New HOH: After a long competition involving moving eggs through a fence structure ten times, Vanessa took her fourth HOH of the season. Joy.

Any new twists?: The TV schedule is changing for the rest of the season because of football on Thursdays. There’s going to be an eviction on Tuesday, and then another one on Wednesday. Continue reading


BUT FIRST Friday – Your Weekly Big Brother Power Rankings: Way Behind on Week 11

Last Week’s HOH: Vanessa, and then Liz for the double eviction


Last Week’s Original Nominees: James and Meg


Veto Winner: James


Did he use the veto?: Of course he did, and Julia was put up in his place


Votes for Eviction: Everyone voted to evict Meg except James iin one of the most infuriating moves in the history of the game. Then, in the double eviction, Liz put up James next to John and he was booted unanimously.


New Head of Household: After the double eviction was complete, Steve won HOH for the next week.  Suck it, Austwins.


Any new twists?: After Meg’s eviction, the houseguests immediately played their first HOH comp of the night, where Liz won.  She put up James and John, and then Julia won veto.  Ultimately she chose not to use it, and James was evicted.  Annoyingly, it was a good night for Austwins.


This week: Steve is HOH, and Austin and Liz are currently on the block (which took place in Sunday’s episode). Continue reading

BUT FIRST Friday – Your Weekly Big Brother Power Rankings: Week 10

SPOILER ALERT: As has been the case for the last few weeks, this week’s HOH competition/juror buyback ran past the live show, so keep away if you want to wait until Sunday’s episode to find out the outcome.

Last Week’s HOH: Austin (gag)

Last Week’s Original Nominees: Steve and our boy Johnny

Veto Winner: Vanessa

Did she use the veto?: No, after giving a spectacularly petty speech meant to embarrass Steve

Votes for Eviction: 5-0 to evict John

New Head of Household: Vanessa. God help us all.

Any new twists?: John won the buyback competition, meaning that he was able to reenter the house after being evicted for about twenty minutes. And next week is another double eviction, so this could potentially be an incredibly interesting week or a painfully boring one. Continue reading

BUT FIRST Friday – Your Weekly Big Brother Power Rankings: Week 9

SPOILER ALERT: Last night’s live HOH competition again carried on after the close of the episode, and the conclusion will be shown on Sunday’s episode. But, as with the past few weeks, we know who won, so we’ll be factoring in the results of the competition into the rankings this week.

Last Week’s HOH: Liz

Last Week’s Original Nominees: Becky and Johnny Mac

Last Week’s Veto Winner: Liz

Did she use the Veto?: No, though CBS’s editing made it seem like she was going to backdoor Vanessa

Votes for Eviction: 6-0 to evict Becky

New Head of Household: Bring out the pitchforks, folks, because Austin won

Any New Twists?: After next week’s live eviction, the evicted houseguests and the three jury members (Shelli, Jackie, and Becky) will compete to see which of them will be returning to the game. But you already knew that. Continue reading

BUT FIRST Friday – Your Weekly Big Brother Power Rankings: Week 8

SPOILER ALERT: Once again, the results of the HOH competition weren’t on the show, but thanks to the feeds, we know who won the second HOH of the night. So if you’d rather wait until Sunday’s episode to find out, then this post might not be for you.

Last Week’s HOH: Becky, Trecky, Trainwrecky, whatever you want to call her

Last Week’s Nominees: Steve and Shelli

Last Week’s Veto Winner: Steve

Did he use the veto?: Of course he did, and Vanessa was put up in his place

Votes for Eviction: 8-0 to evict Shelli; in the second eviction of the night, it was 6-1 to evict Jackie

New Head of Household: It was double eviction night, so Steve won HOH for a few hours. But later in the evening they had their second HOH competition, and Liz won

Any new twists?: It was finally double eviction night, so it was a big episode. The jury also officially began last night, with Shelli and Jackie as the first two members. Continue reading

BUT FIRST Friday – Your Weekly Big Brother Power Rankings: Week 7

SPOILER ALERT: Like last week, the HOH competition didn’t end with Thursday’s episode. But we know who won, and are including this knowledge in this week’s rankings.

Last Week’s HOH: James

Last Week’s Nominees: Shelli and Clay (BLESS)

Last Week’s Veto Winner: James

Did he use the veto?: No, thankfully, and Clelli remained on the block together.

Votes for Eviction: 8-0 to evict Clay. Thank GOD.

New Head of Household: In the world’s biggest plot twist, Becky

Any new twists?: Absolutely none. Does anyone but us remember that we were promised a takeover a week? Come on, Julie Chen, don’t lie to us. There’s a double eviction on Thursday, but it’s been expected for a while, so we aren’t counting it as a twist. Continue reading

BUT FIRST Friday – Your Weekly Big Brother Power Rankings: Week 6

SPOILER ALERT: For this week, we’re including our knowledge of the HOH winner, even though the competition had yet to complete in Thursday’s live episode. The winner will be revealed on Sunday, but, to keep consistent with our previous posts, are including the HOH status for the rankings.

Last Week’s HOH: Vanessa and Jackie

Last Week’s Original Nominees: Clay and Becky (after losing the Battle of the Block to James and Liz)

Last Week’s Veto Winner: Clay, in his first comp win of the season

Did they use the veto?: Of course he did.

Replacement Nominee: Jason

Votes for Eviction: 7-2, with only James and Meg voting to keep Jason

New Head of Household: SPOILER ALERT – James won this week’s endurance comp, making him the first solo HOH of the season

Any new twists?: Let’s see. For, what, the third week in a row, there’s no takeover, so that’s probably over. Maybe. Battle of the Block is also officially over, which means we’re back to only one head of household for the rest of the season. Oh, and after surviving five evictions, Julia has officially joined the house. Continue reading