BUT FIRST Friday – Your Weekly Big Brother Power Rankings: Week 10

SPOILER ALERT: As has been the case for the last few weeks, this week’s HOH competition/juror buyback ran past the live show, so keep away if you want to wait until Sunday’s episode to find out the outcome.

Last Week’s HOH: Austin (gag)

Last Week’s Original Nominees: Steve and our boy Johnny

Veto Winner: Vanessa

Did she use the veto?: No, after giving a spectacularly petty speech meant to embarrass Steve

Votes for Eviction: 5-0 to evict John

New Head of Household: Vanessa. God help us all.

Any new twists?: John won the buyback competition, meaning that he was able to reenter the house after being evicted for about twenty minutes. And next week is another double eviction, so this could potentially be an incredibly interesting week or a painfully boring one. Continue reading


BUT FIRST Friday – Your Weekly Big Brother Power Rankings: Week 9

SPOILER ALERT: Last night’s live HOH competition again carried on after the close of the episode, and the conclusion will be shown on Sunday’s episode. But, as with the past few weeks, we know who won, so we’ll be factoring in the results of the competition into the rankings this week.

Last Week’s HOH: Liz

Last Week’s Original Nominees: Becky and Johnny Mac

Last Week’s Veto Winner: Liz

Did she use the Veto?: No, though CBS’s editing made it seem like she was going to backdoor Vanessa

Votes for Eviction: 6-0 to evict Becky

New Head of Household: Bring out the pitchforks, folks, because Austin won

Any New Twists?: After next week’s live eviction, the evicted houseguests and the three jury members (Shelli, Jackie, and Becky) will compete to see which of them will be returning to the game. But you already knew that. Continue reading

2015 Golden Globes: Our Predictions and Commentary


I’ve always been very vocal about the fact that winter is my favorite season. Seriously – ask any one of my friends what my favorite season is, and they’ll all say winter and then roll their eyes and probably call me stupid because I’m friends with terrible people who don’t understand what’s important in life. Christmas! Playing in snow! Bundling up on the couch under as many blankets as you can carry!

But of course, the real highlight of winter isn’t getting to feel warm and cozy every day. For film fans, the highlight of winter is awards season. Now, I’ve never been into sports, but I can only assume that the sense of competition one feels for their favorite movie of the year, and the impassioned arguments they make for why that film deserves to win everything, is something only sports fans can share. Seriously – the combative nature of The Social Network fans vs. The King’s Speech fans at the 2011 Oscars is a war not unlike the one waged between Duke and Butler fans in 2009 (according to my friend Scott, who knows about such things).

Awards season is the most important time of the year for me. Of course, we all know these award shows are massively flawed, for so many reasons. The number one is that it’s just impossible to recognize all of the films that deserve recognition. And how do you define that recognition? Is the best movie the one that performed the best at the box office, or the one that stayed in theatres the longest? Or the one that got the most positive reviews? It’s impossible to qualify that, but even without a clear definition, it’s obvious that 2014 was a great year for film. Sure, not everything was memorable, or particularly good, but it also gave us some instant classics that I have no doubt will be considered some of the greatest films ever made.

To prepare for the Golden Globes tonight, I requested the help of two of my friends to share their predictions. Chelsea and Craig, like myself, are recent college graduates, and in addition to our degrees in Media Production (Chelsea) and Film Studies (Craig and myself), we see a lot of movies. Like, a lot of movies. In fact, my friendship with both of them was basically built on the fact that we could have long, drawn out conversations about the tiniest nuances of filmmaking techniques. So when I started working on this post, I knew these idiots were the perfect people to ask for help.
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