BUT FIRST Friday – Your Weekly Big Brother Power Rankings: Week 5

Last Week’s HOH: Shelli, with Liz being dethroned after a 90s-themed Battle of the Block

Last Week’s Original Nominees: John (naturally) and Jason

Last Week’s Veto Winner: Vanessa

Did they use the veto?: Of course she did, and took Jason off the block

Replacement Nominee: Audrey, FINALLY

Votes for Eviction: 10-1 to evict Audrey (with a penalty vote for eating regular food as a have-not; Austin/Judas was the only vote to evict John)

New Heads of Household: Jackie and Vanessa

Any new twists?: For the second week in a row, there’s no announced takeover. The producers might have forgotten about the whole Big Brother Takeover thing. Something might come up during the week, but don’t hold your breath.
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But First Fridays: Your Weekly Big Brother Power Rankings – Week 4

LAST WEEK’S HOH: Vanessa (Austin relinquished after Jason and Meg won Battle of the Block)



DID THEY USE THE VETO?: It’s becoming a narrative trope at this point, but yes, he did


VOTES FOR EVICTION: 7-4 to evict Jeff (with Liz, Steve, John, and Jackie voting to evict James)


ANY NEW TWISTS?: Not that we know of yet, but apparently it’s 90s Week, and there was lots of twisting in the 1990s! Especially in the classic Bill Paxton disaster film Twister, which everyone should purchase in their local 50 cent VHS bin
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But First Fridays: Your Weekly Big Brother Power Rankings – Week 3


Last week’s HOH: Shelli and Becky, with Shelli remaining in power
Last week’s original nominees: Da’Vonne and John
Last week’s veto winner: John
Did they use the veto?: Yes, even though Shelli and Clay actually tried to ask him not to.
Replacement nominee: Meg
Votes for eviction: 7-2, with Audrey and Jason being the sole votes to evict Meg
New Heads of Household: Austin and Vanessa

Any new twists?: First of all, it turns out most of the house has figured out the twins twist with Liz and Julia. Da’Vonne brought it to their attention, but so far, no one else has addressed it directly with them. It’s too soon to say if it’s going to affect anyone’s gameplay, but the secret is more or less out there.

Additionally, Rob Gronkowski is going to be partying with the houseguests this week, or at least having some party-themed competitions thanks to the BB Takeover. There are no Have-Nots this week, and hopefully none of the competitions will be heavily focused on athleticism. Poor Steve wouldn’t stand a chance.
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But First Fridays: Your Weekly Big Brother Power Rankings – Week 2

Last Week’s HoH: James (Jason relinquished after John and Becky won the Battle of the Block competition)

Last Week’s original nominees: Jackie and Steve

Last Week’s Veto Winner: Steve

Did they use the Veto?: Damn straight he did

Replacement Nominee: Jace

Votes For Eviction: 12-1 to evict Jace (Audrey with the sole vote to evict Jackie)

New Heads of Household: Becky and Shelli

Any new twists?: Oh indeed. Liz is playing the game with her twin Julia, and the two are inconspicuously switching out for one another at random. If they survive eviction for five weeks, both players will enter the game and play separately.

Kathy Griffin also made an appearance this week. She placed a telephone in the house, and informed the viewers (but not the houseguests) that the seventh person to answer the phone’s random calls throughout the week will choose three houseguests to exclude from casting a vote for eviction next Thursday.

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But First Fridays: Your Weekly Big Brother Power Rankings


It’s officially summer, which means that I will be spending the next three months inside, laying in the air conditioning. And it’s not just because there are bugs outside, or because I’m allergic to everything – the beginning of summer means the premiere of a new season of Big Brother. This year, my friend Garrett and I will be starting a weekly series called But First Fridays, where we recap some of the bigger moments from that week’s three episodes and keep a running tally on who holds the most power in the house. Because what’s the point of life if you’re not willing to get way too serious about a reality TV show?

Normally these posts will have some more exciting events, because the houseguests will probably start lying and manipulating each other in week 2. But this is only the first week, so things got off to a slow start. Of course, things are still interesting in the Big Brother house, and as always, there are twists that are going to affect the game throughout the season. For one thing, the Battle of the Block is back from last season. This means that each week will have two head of households, who each nominate two houseguests for eviction. Those four houseguests will be able to compete to save themselves and remove their names from the chopping block, and the HOH who nominated them can go up in their place. Meaning, someone could go from being HOH to being evicted in the same week.

Additionally, there will be constant twists thrown in weekly that will change the game up. There’s also a secret twist that, so far, only the audience knows: one of the houseguests has a twin, and they’ll be switching back and forth with their twin in the house. If the houseguest makes it past the first five evictions, then their twin will enter the game as an individual player. Knowing Big Brother’s history with huge, game-changing twists, the guest with a twin will probably be the first person evicted and the whole concept will be ruined, but we’re optimistic.
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Just how fast the night changes: The evolution of One Direction

At this point in my life, I’m just a little too old to be within a boy band’s target demographic. Mostly, my life isn’t too affected by this; it’s not like I’m constantly seeking out a source of lighthearted pop music, soulfully crooned by a group of messy-haired rapscallions. But were such a group to come along, the sad truth is, young as I still am, the upcoming careers of those fresh-faced harmonizers wouldn’t be launched on the promise of my loyalty. In fact, record labels and PR firms might not even count on me becoming a fan at all. The sad truth is, as a twenty-two-year-old, I am officially too old for boy bands, if marketing and capitalism have anything to say about it.

On the flip side of this: I love One Direction. I love everything about One Direction. I am a massive One Direction fan.

I became a One Direction fan three years ago, a few months after “What Makes You Beautiful” was released. Back then, I was nineteen and finishing up my freshman year of college – maybe at the far end of the boy band demographic, but still represented. Over the last three years, I’ve been there for every new One Direction album, every single, every video. As I grew up and out of the key demographic for boy bands, a funny thing happened: One Direction stopped being a boy band.

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Jane the Virgin Recap: Chapter 12

It took twelve episodes to happen, but finally, Jane the Virgin ran out of drama. No more conflicts to elevate. No more plots to thicken. No more twists to throw on us. In fact, Chapter Twelve was downright dull. Stupid, even. Pointless.

…That’s a joke, by the way. A huge joke. Because Chapter Twelve might have been the most important episode of Jane the Virgin so far – almost every long-term plot arc was featured and came to some sort of dramatic head. And holy crap was there drama in this episode. I don’t even know where to start this time – do I follow the drama? Do I bury the lead? Do I address the fact that we finally learned the identity of Sin Rostro? Or the fact that a pretty big character was killed?

Okay, that seems like a good place to start. Let’s mix it up this week and not begin with Jane’s storyline. Instead, let’s tackle Sin Rostro. Oh boy.
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