My CommuniCon Testimonial

This weekend was CommuniCon, a completely fan-organized convention for fans of Community.  Unfortunately, I lack money and free time, and couldn’t attend, so my CommuniCon experience was entirely secondhand.  But thanks to wonderful people like Catherine and Kim, I got to see a livestream of the events and hear about what was going on.


The organizers of the event (aka the AMAZING Gillian) made it possible for people who weren’t attending to participate in a panel called My Whole Brain is Crying, where fans gave testimonials about the show and what it’s meant to them.  Fans who weren’t attending could still write a testimonial, and have someone read it to the room.  I sent mine to Kim, but it wound up being read by the fabulous Shannon.  Anyone who reads this blog or follows me on Twitter knows how much this show means to me, and it was a bit difficult to try and explain exactly what Community has given me in the last three years, but I did my best.  Check out my testimonial under the cut.


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