Community Post Mortem

Community Post Mortem

My lovely friend Jenn and I collaborated to discuss our thoughts on Community’s final season, and to evaluate what we considered a lackluster attempt at saying goodbye to the characters and Greendale.


Pathologically Pissed: Community’s Treatment of Annie Edison



My love of Community has been well-documented on this blog and on my Twitter (and basically just about every other place I go).  I remember the exact moment when I decided Community was my new favorite show: it was immediately after Epidemiology aired, and I realized exactly what the show was capable of.  Because its characters were so strong and defined and unique, the show itself could veer off into these unique situations (like an episode about a zombie virus that never strays into the supernatural or unrealistic) in ways that no other show could.


And, surprise surprise, I happen to be a huge Jeff/Annie fan, for various reasons.  But over the last four years, the people who work on Community have expressed their opinions on this pairing that don’t exactly line up with the fans’ perceptions, and that’s fine.  I’ve been involved in fandom long enough to understand that not everything you want to see happen should happen, and that there are just as many reasons why Jeff and Annie shouldn’t be together as reasons why they should.  So I don’t have an issue with the show’s writers and creator saying that the two wouldn’t work together.


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My CommuniCon Testimonial

This weekend was CommuniCon, a completely fan-organized convention for fans of Community.  Unfortunately, I lack money and free time, and couldn’t attend, so my CommuniCon experience was entirely secondhand.  But thanks to wonderful people like Catherine and Kim, I got to see a livestream of the events and hear about what was going on.


The organizers of the event (aka the AMAZING Gillian) made it possible for people who weren’t attending to participate in a panel called My Whole Brain is Crying, where fans gave testimonials about the show and what it’s meant to them.  Fans who weren’t attending could still write a testimonial, and have someone read it to the room.  I sent mine to Kim, but it wound up being read by the fabulous Shannon.  Anyone who reads this blog or follows me on Twitter knows how much this show means to me, and it was a bit difficult to try and explain exactly what Community has given me in the last three years, but I did my best.  Check out my testimonial under the cut.


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Happy October 19th (or a Love Letter to My Twitter Friends)

It’s been a long nine months.  But finally, our beloved Community returns tonight.  Now, I could go on and on about what this show means to me, but the thing is, if you’re reading this blog, it’s most likely because you follow me on Twitter, which means you already watch Community and know what it means.  And I can’t possibly begin to qualify something that we all feel so strongly.  So instead of going on and on about what Community means to me, I went on and on about what you mean to me.


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2012 in Review (Part 2)

My countdown of my favorite things of 2012 is continuing with the ten best shows of the year.  As you might have expected, I watched a lot of television this year, and it was difficult to narrow it down.  Check out my list below the cut, and make sure to check back tomorrow for my ten favorite movies of the year!


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2012 in Review (Part 1)

They say that what you do at the start of a new year is what you’ll be doing at the end of that year.  So, you know – if you’re with your boyfriend, you’ll still be with him at the end of the year.  If you’re, I don’t know, traveling through space and time with your blonde companion, then you’ll ring in the next new year doing the same thing.


I began 2012 on a train from New York City back to my town, surrounded by my three best friends, two acquaintances, and a train full of strangers.  We had gone into the city that day to celebrate the new year – my friend Taryn had two friends visiting from college, and they wanted to watch the ball drop in Times Square, while the remainder of our group (myself and my friends Amanda and Billy) decided to just walk around, instead of braving the chaos of Times Square.

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Creepy and Wonderful (aka That Time I Met Joel McHale)

Though I’m in Pittsburgh eight months of the year for school, I’m originally from New York.  Not the city, though – I’m from Long Island, about forty minutes away from the city, and as you can imagine, not many exciting things happen there.  I’ve only met a celebrity twice in my life – the first time was when the cast of Glee came to a local mall to promote the first soundtrack from the show, and the second time was when I went to see Joel McHale perform stand-up in July.

I was on my break at work when I checked Twitter and saw my friends Jenn and Kim freaking out over the news: tickets were on sale to see Joel McHale perform at Caroline’s in about two weeks.  Obviously, I got a ticket immediately (ahh, the days when I was working and could actually afford things).

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