Pathologically Pissed: Community’s Treatment of Annie Edison



My love of Community has been well-documented on this blog and on my Twitter (and basically just about every other place I go).  I remember the exact moment when I decided Community was my new favorite show: it was immediately after Epidemiology aired, and I realized exactly what the show was capable of.  Because its characters were so strong and defined and unique, the show itself could veer off into these unique situations (like an episode about a zombie virus that never strays into the supernatural or unrealistic) in ways that no other show could.


And, surprise surprise, I happen to be a huge Jeff/Annie fan, for various reasons.  But over the last four years, the people who work on Community have expressed their opinions on this pairing that don’t exactly line up with the fans’ perceptions, and that’s fine.  I’ve been involved in fandom long enough to understand that not everything you want to see happen should happen, and that there are just as many reasons why Jeff and Annie shouldn’t be together as reasons why they should.  So I don’t have an issue with the show’s writers and creator saying that the two wouldn’t work together.


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