Creepy and Wonderful (aka That Time I Met Joel McHale)

Though I’m in Pittsburgh eight months of the year for school, I’m originally from New York.  Not the city, though – I’m from Long Island, about forty minutes away from the city, and as you can imagine, not many exciting things happen there.  I’ve only met a celebrity twice in my life – the first time was when the cast of Glee came to a local mall to promote the first soundtrack from the show, and the second time was when I went to see Joel McHale perform stand-up in July.

I was on my break at work when I checked Twitter and saw my friends Jenn and Kim freaking out over the news: tickets were on sale to see Joel McHale perform at Caroline’s in about two weeks.  Obviously, I got a ticket immediately (ahh, the days when I was working and could actually afford things).

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