2015 Oscar Nominees: Our Reactions

Source: US Magazine

This week was one of the most important weeks in my whole life. It started with the Golden Globes, the official kick-off to awards season, and then on Thursday, the 2014 Oscar nominees were announced. I don’t think I need to spend any time qualifying just how important the Oscars are. It’s like saying, “Hey, George Washington was an important dude.”

But of course, the announcement of Oscar nominees is never a simple process. No matter what, there’s going to be backlash – anger that a certain film was nominated, shock that a certain actor was snubbed, etc. It’s impossible to please everybody, no matter how many great films get nominated. So when I enlisted my frenemy Chelsea to once again help me out with this post, that’s the approach we tried to take – not looking at these lists in terms of what’s not on them, but focusing on what made it here, and how these nominees speak to the year in film overall.
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