2012 in Review (Part 2)

My countdown of my favorite things of 2012 is continuing with the ten best shows of the year.  As you might have expected, I watched a lot of television this year, and it was difficult to narrow it down.  Check out my list below the cut, and make sure to check back tomorrow for my ten favorite movies of the year!


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2012 in Review (Part 1)

They say that what you do at the start of a new year is what you’ll be doing at the end of that year.  So, you know – if you’re with your boyfriend, you’ll still be with him at the end of the year.  If you’re, I don’t know, traveling through space and time with your blonde companion, then you’ll ring in the next new year doing the same thing.


I began 2012 on a train from New York City back to my town, surrounded by my three best friends, two acquaintances, and a train full of strangers.  We had gone into the city that day to celebrate the new year – my friend Taryn had two friends visiting from college, and they wanted to watch the ball drop in Times Square, while the remainder of our group (myself and my friends Amanda and Billy) decided to just walk around, instead of braving the chaos of Times Square.

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Parks and Recreation: Halloween Surprise

As I’ve said a couple times, my Friday reviews of a show I’m marathoning won’t be starting for a few weeks, mainly due to marathoning fatigue, school (because, if my week-long absence wasn’t a hint, my homework is distracting me from writing about TV.  Ugh), and the fact that I’m currently working on finishing Breaking Bad (but I know I’m nowhere near good enough to review that perfection).

But I’ve missed blogging this week, and Thursday night’s episode of Parks and Recreation seemed like a perfect way to get back into the swing of things.  And keep in mind – massive spoilers are ahead.  Seriously, don’t read this if you haven’t watched yet.

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