Jane the Virgin Recap: Chapter 11

This week, Jane the Virgin returned with yet another installment that, in true Jane fashion, gave us oh so much to discuss. Where do I even begin? Let’s see – there was an awkward Villanueva family dinner, two exciting job offers for Jane, and, oh yeah, Lachlan might be evil, no big deal.

There’s a lot to talk about, so let’s jump right into Chapter Eleven. The theme for this episode seemed to be reconciliation – reconciling conflicts, working past preconceived notions, and finding a way to work together. Except, as you may have guessed, none of these reconciliations come easy – and none of them happen organically. Despite everyone’s attempts to go after what they want, or to get along with each other, no one does so by being honest or even being particularly enthusiastic about finding a resolution. Some characters don’t want to find a solution to their conflict; they’re content carrying on with whatever obstacle they placed between themselves and someone else, and don’t need to reconcile their view of a situation with an opposing view.
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Jane the Virgin Recap: Chapter 10

Now that I’m all caught up and Jane the Virgin has returned from its winter hiatus, I’m going to be reviewing it every week – mostly so I have some way to get out all of my emotions every week. Because, come on, this is way too much for me to handle on my own.

Chapter Ten began right where Chapter Nine ended: dealing with the aftermath of Alba’s fall down the stairs, and the impending arrival of a huge tropical storm. With almost every character on the show trapped in the same location, things were bound to get a little…dramatic. So grab your swag bag from the after after party, and let’s talk about Chapter Ten.
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New Girl: Halloween

It’s not often that Nick Miller is right (or in any way poignant.  Let’s remember, this is the guy who just last week exclaimed “GAVE ME COOKIE GOT YOU COOKIE” for two minutes straight), but in this week’s episode of New Girl, he was unusually insightful.  Relationships aren’t what you expect.  The person you meet at a coffee shop one day might not be the same person you’re dating two months later, no matter how much they look and sound exactly the same.  Your expectations can’t always be met, and a large reason for that is because people aren’t honest with each other.  All four characters dealt with that tonight, as their relationships struggled with their unfair expectations and inability to just be honest with each other.

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Happy Endings: Sabado Free-Gante

Being a grown-up is hard.  You have to pay bills and drive yourself to the doctor and you can’t just make your mom go buy you new jeans when you rip a pair when you fall down the stairs (not…that I’ve ever done that, of course).  This is why I’ve eschewed adulthood as much as possible (mainly because I really hate clothes shopping).

But really, being independent is amazing, but no matter how long you’ve been supporting yourself, it can still be scary.  Being independent means if you screw up, you don’t have anyone to blame but yourself.  You have to be an adult and take responsibility for yourself (or do what I do and blame it on your mom anyway). Continue reading

Parks and Recreation: Halloween Surprise

As I’ve said a couple times, my Friday reviews of a show I’m marathoning won’t be starting for a few weeks, mainly due to marathoning fatigue, school (because, if my week-long absence wasn’t a hint, my homework is distracting me from writing about TV.  Ugh), and the fact that I’m currently working on finishing Breaking Bad (but I know I’m nowhere near good enough to review that perfection).

But I’ve missed blogging this week, and Thursday night’s episode of Parks and Recreation seemed like a perfect way to get back into the swing of things.  And keep in mind – massive spoilers are ahead.  Seriously, don’t read this if you haven’t watched yet.

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